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Grave Mistakes

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Fein, chief of a prehistoric clan in Iberia, leads his band of explorers to North America 18,000 years ago. After withstanding a frigid voyage in open boats, they travel up a river and settle in a wooded area that is now rural Tidewater Virginia. There they live, die and, over the generations, populate the New World, leaving scant traces of their existence.

The story rockets forward to modern times with the murder of Kelly, a young anthropologist who has disappeared, captured by a sexual predator. Her fiance', Williamsburg archaeologist Rick Fallon, has struggled to put the mystery of Kelly behind him. Instead, he has taken on an investigation that thrusts her back into his life alongside a victim from the remotest American past. 

This story reveals with archaeological precision an exciting new theory of the peopling of America interlaced with a series of modern-day murders, violent horrors, death and unanticipated bravery.

ISBN 9781928874102 $14.95 for soft cover version

ISBN 9781438993737  $25.99 for hardcover version

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